Top 5 Best BrowserStack Alternatives (2023)

Top 5 Best BrowserStack Alternatives (1)

BrowserStack is a cloud testing provider that offers mobile, tablet, and browser testing. It's pretty good, but if you're interested in switching to something different, this list goes over some of the bestBrowserStack alternativesWith it, you can test your websites or apps quickly and effortlessly.

People have long loved BrowserStack for being one of the earliest cloud testing providers out there. They are also known for:


One of the main reasons many people choose this leading software testing platform is that it excels at cross-browser testing. It allows users to test experiences that are close to the counterpart of the original device.

Option to select different devices

BrowserStack also has different devices to choose from over the cloud. This is another reason why users are still attracted to this tool. Troubleshooting is also relatively easy with the help of competent support and documentation.

Despite so many benefits, BrowserStack lacks many features that users desperately need. For example, the app files take a long time to install and might be a problem for users who want something fast.

Another problem with this tool is that it's quite expensive for small businesses and aspiring testers who want to start with something affordable.

Now that you know all the disadvantages of this tool, it's time to explore some alternatives to test your apps.

If you're looking for a fast, cheap, and less complicated BrowserStack replacement, try these five tools –

Top 5 Best BrowserStack Alternatives (2)
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If you're thinking of replacing your browser stack with something that can cover all test automation platforms like web apps, Android apps, iOS apps and APIs, Testsigma should be your ultimate choice.

One of the most exciting features of this automated testing tool is its compatibility with both static and complex tests. Most testing tools only focus on single test scenarios, but with Testsigma you can cover many different options.

Also, the codeless automated testing feature makes it easy for developers to work with a variety of test scripts.

Testsigma is the best BrowserStack alternative for automated testing as it is capable of fast end-to-end automation.

Our experience

Testsigma has a suggestion engine designed to fix errors and bugs. An exciting feature is the integration with a wide range of CI/CD and bug tracking tools, ensuring maximum accuracy.

With Testsigma, you don't need to try multiple tools to test different details of your web apps because it can cover all web, mobile, iOS, Android devices and API testing. Although identifying the HTML element can be difficult with this tool, you can easily overcome it with the help of the support team.


Testsigma is an excellent test automation tool that can act as a perfect BrowserStack alternative. Starting with test script development, execution, planning and design - everything is efficiently done by Testsigma.

Top 5 Best BrowserStack Alternatives (3)

A totally reliable cross-browser test cloud that is a great alternative to BrowserStack is LambdaTest. The best thing about this tool is that it allows developers to run cross-browser tests on more than 2000 real browsers in a variety of screen resolutions. In addition, the UX is far superior to the browser stack.

LambdaTest offers the followingplatformsfor live testing –

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  • Android and iOS mobile browsers
  • Windows
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows XP
  • Mac OS (10 versions available)

LambdaTest differs from BrowserStack on many levels, but the key differentiator is that it comes with tons of benefits in its free plan, which isn't available in BrowserStack.

Yes, LambdaTest offers a free version that lasts forever. However, the free plan only has space for five users, 30 minutes of live browsing every day, six sessions in a month, and 10 minutes for each session.

This free service can be an excellent solution for small businesses or developers who don't need to use a browser tool frequently. You can also get a free trial with Browserstack, but that includes 30 minutes of live testing and 100 minutes of automated testing.

Even if you switch to the premium plans in LambdaTest, you still find them better than BrowserStack. Starting at $19/month, you can enjoy automated browser testing, as well as manual and visual test automation across multiple locations.

You can also take advantage of an On Demand Pass feature that allows you to purchase trial time for occasional purposes without signing up for a premium plan. This is a very flexible option for web developers and budget companies.


If you are looking for a flexible option for live browser and operating system testing at a good price, LambdaTest can be a decent alternative. It has good features and works fast enough to ensure your needs are adequately met.

Top 5 Best BrowserStack Alternatives (4)

Cross-browser testing is an excellent option when your target runs Selenium test scripts in the cloud. Besides Selenium test scripts, you can also run Appium test scripts through this tool. This tool allows you to run cross-browser tests on multiple browsers, including all major browsers.

An interesting feature of this testing tool is that you can switch between normal and portrait mode when testing on mobile.

Other functions include capturing network traffic, running automated screenshot tests, and tracking websites or web applications. QA engineers can benefit most from this BrowserStack replacement.

Cross Browser Testing and BrowserStack have plans to start at $29 per month.

However, BrowserStack's launch plan does not allow you to run tests on real mobile devices. BrowserStack's launch plans only allow you to run tests on desktops.

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However, Cross Browser Testing allows you to run multiple tests on mobile devices. In the same plan, you can run unlimited manual tests, which is pretty amazing. Since you pay the same price, it is better to go for Cross Browser Testing, which offers better options than BrowserStack.

However, the starter plans do not include automated testing, and you must select a premium plan depending on the number of parallel tests.

Our experience

We loved the web application testing feature on real devices and browsers. From the headless browser testing feature, to the integration with GitHub, Jira, and Jenkins, to being able to perform visual regression tests across different browser versions, everything about this tool was excellent.

However, we had an issue with end-to-end testing. It was a bit difficult to edit the end-to-end tests compared to other tools. Apart from that, this one works flawlessly for different operating systems.


SmartBear's Cross Browser Testing is an excellent tool for web designers and QA engineers due to its impeccable performance in mobile testing.

Top 5 Best BrowserStack Alternatives (5)

One of the easiest and most effortless tools for testing websites in virtual machines is Browserling. Equipped with online browser sandbox technology, you don't have to worry about virus anymore.

You can also deploy tests using some extensions like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. Also, this tool allows you to change screen resolution and browser size to meet all your testing needs.

With BrowserStack, you can't expect a free trial or a free plan. However, with Browserling you can enjoy an excellent free plan that doesn't even require creating an account.

With the free plan, you can test on Windows 7 and see exactly how each website appears in live browsers. It is also limited to browser versions like Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 3-88 and minimal live testing counts.

Despite the limitations in the free plan, it's still a better alternative to BrowserStack as it allows you to test applications to find out how specific websites look on multiple browser versions.

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Our experience

While we didn't like some of the limitations in Browserling's free plan, we were still quite impressed with its responsive testing and secure encryption features. We liked that you can share the url to view the browser, take screenshots, comment on them and leave feedback.


Overall, this is a decent tool that many businesses on a budget looking for something for casual use and looking for a reliable BrowserStack replacement can benefit from.

Top 5 Best BrowserStack Alternatives (6)

DataDog is an excellent test automation device compared to other tools. You don't need to do any coding to do test automation with Datadog.

The best thing about this tool is that the tests can update themselves regularly, which is excellent. It allows you to record the tests and view the full-page screenshots based on your tests.

Although both Datadog and BrowserStack have similar working modes, Datadog is a cheaper option compared to BrowserStack.

BrowserStack starts at $29 per month, while DataDog starts at $12 per month, which is even less than half the price of BrowserStack. The Starter plan allows you to extensively test at least a thousand browsers per month — far better than paying for the expensive BrowserStack Starter plan.

Our experience

While we were impressed with the automated screenshots and reasonable prices, we had some issues with the chart report. The chart report felt technical and contained several types of metrics that warrant further reading. Otherwise we liked the great insight and were impressed with the self-retaining test function.


DataDog is an excellent private cloud monitoring tool designed to test different browsers. With a smart UI and simple integrations, this is a great BrowserStack replacement.

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In summary, all of the testing tools in our list are excellent alternatives to BrowserStack. However, our top BrowserStack alternative has to be Testsigma for its flexibility and smart features.

Both tools can provide rapid automation and have facilities to suit the needs of businesses of different sizes. So, if you are looking for the best alternatives to BrowserStack, we recommend you to go for Testsigma.


Top 5 Best BrowserStack Alternatives? ›

Sauce Labs may be better if you need to assess many browser/device combinations. However, if you only need to try on a few browsers/devices and want the ability to test on real devices, BrowserStack is the better choice.

What is the best alternative to BrowserStack? ›

Top 10 Alternatives to BrowserStack
  • LambdaTest.
  • Sauce Labs.
  • Perfecto.
  • AWS Device Farm.
  • SeeTest: Testing Platform for Web & Mobile Apps.
  • Kobiton.
  • UserTesting.
  • Postman.

Which is better Saucelabs or BrowserStack? ›

Sauce Labs may be better if you need to assess many browser/device combinations. However, if you only need to try on a few browsers/devices and want the ability to test on real devices, BrowserStack is the better choice.

Why is BrowserStack the best? ›

BrowserStack's platform provides instant access to 3,500+ real mobile devices and browsers on a highly reliable cloud platform that effortlessly scales as testing needs grow. With BrowserStack, Dev and QA teams can move fast while delivering an amazing experience for every customer.

What is the difference between Lambda and BrowserStack? ›

BrowserStack has a good variety of devices and browsers for us to test on.
Implementation Rating9.1 (2 ratings)9.1 (1 ratings)
Configurability8.6 (2 ratings)- (0 ratings)
Contract Terms and Pricing Model9.1 (2 ratings)- (0 ratings)
Ease of integration9.1 (1 ratings)- (0 ratings)
10 more rows


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