Volkswagen Atlas (VW) 2023 review, ratings, specifications, prices and photos (2023)

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Volkswagen Atlas (VW) 2023 review, ratings, specifications, prices and photos (1) Andrew Ganz Editor

August 23, 2022


  • So so spacious inside
  • Good warranty
  • Can be a solid value in some finishes
  • Good ride quality

Does not like

  • Huge thirst
  • Such information
  • A cabin without luxury
  • Somewhat limited composition

Purchase tip

VW Atlas 2023 is a good buy in the SE version with an optional technology package.

features and specifications



2.0T SE with 4MOTION technology







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The 2023 Volkswagen Atlas scares off smaller rivals with its huge cabin, though it is a thirsty beast.

What vehicle is the Volkswagen Atlas 2023? What does it compare to?

The 2023 VW Atlas is a large crossover SUV worth comparing with the Ford Explorer, Honda Pilot and Hyundai Palisade.

Is the 2023 Volkswagen Atlas a good car/SUV?

Overall, the 2023 VW Atlas is a good choice with a spacious interior, comfortable ride and a decent feature set among its attributes. However, we would like its cabin to be more elegant and its fuel consumption less voracious. As a result, the 2023 Atlas received a rating of 5.8 out of 10. (Read more aboutHow do we rate cars?.)

What's new in the Volkswagen Atlas 2023?

Atlas enters 2023 with minor tweaks, including a standard 10.3-inch digital instrument cluster on Atlas SE and later.

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This large SUV comes in two versions that partly combine name and partly style. The standard Atlas is a conventional three-row crossover SUV with boxy, blocky styling and a huge interior. The Cross Sport is slightly shorter and has a sloping roofline, which gives it the look of a budget BMW X6, although it is still quite spacious inside.

The standard is a 2.0-liter turbo-4 engine with 235 hp, which can be combined with front-wheel or all-wheel drive. The optional 3.6-liter V6 engine with 276 hp provides a slight increase in efficiency and a smoother ride at the expense of fuel economy. At best, look for 24 mpg paired with a 4-cylinder engine and a few mpg less with a thirsty V-6. Either way, the 8-speed automatic transmission handles the power well, and the Atlas delivers decent handling and a comfortable ride for such a large, heavy SUV.

Cabin space may be Atlas's biggest attraction, literally. These SUVs are huge inside, with plenty of room in all three rows on the standard Atlas. The Cross Sport does away with the third row, but still has a gigantic cargo area.

When it comes to features, the Atlas leaves the factory with decent technical equipment, but leaves out wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (you'll need a cable to connect). Fortunately, a full suite of collision avoidance technologies comes as standard.

Crash testing was mixed, including four stars from the NHTSA and mostly "good" ratings from the IIHS.

Ile kosztuje Volkswagen Atlas 2023?

Pricing for the 2023 VW Atlas starts at $35,895 and climbs north of $50,000 when fully loaded.

Pick the SE trim and add the tech package, all-wheel drive and V-6 engine, and you've got a bill of $43,540 for a reasonably well-equipped crossover SUV with an impressive cabin.

Where is the Volkswagen Atlas 2023 made?

In Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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Volkswagen Atlas 2023


The 2023 Volkswagen Atlas pushes no boundaries when it comes to styling.

Is the Volkswagen Atlas a nice car?

He's big but not brash. The 2023 Volkswagen Atlas is pleasantly conservative in appearance. Its clean, traditional lines score 5 out of 10 on the TCC scale.

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The standard Atlas is about half a foot longer than the Cross Sport, but you'd have to line them up to really notice the difference. They both share the same wide front with a large VW grille and lots of bright details. The massive fender flares on the sides give way to a fairly straight rear end that echoes the chrome front. The only difference between the two models is the roofline, while the steeper angle of the rear window on the Cross Sport gives it a sportier appearance.

Everything is inside, whether with the standard (and somewhat small) 6.5-inch touchscreen or the optional 8-inch display. The Atlas has a simple dashboard that is light and comfortable, with controls and switches placed in predictable locations.

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Volkswagen Atlas 2023


The 2023 VW Atlas won't win any drag races, but its supple ride makes it a great cruiser.

Does the Volkswagen Atlas have 4-wheel drive?

This can be. All-wheel drive is optional across the line.

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How fast is the Volkswagen Atlas?

With the base 4 turbocharger, the Atlas sends 235 hp to the front or all four wheels. They're heavy SUVs, even before you add a full passenger cabin and gear, so what was just acceptable acceleration turns into dull reactions once loaded.

The 276 hp V-6 is a better choice here, although even it is not a great speed demon. It is a bit smoother and definitely more confident when driving on highways. It is also necessary to unlock the 5000 lb. bollard.

Both engines benefit from a smooth-shifting 8-speed automatic transmission that shifts gears with impressive precision.

Even with precise steering that adds weight gradually, the Atlas struggles to overcome its size on a winding road. He's doing fine, that's what it is. But it never lets you forget what it is.

Independent suspension absorbs big bumps best on standard 18-inch wheels. The optional 20's are a bit tougher, while the 21's mounted at the top of the range can hit and rumble.

Overall, Atlas gets a perfectly average 5 out of 10. It does not stand out with anything, although it omits the main objections.

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Volkswagen Atlas 2023

Comfort and quality

The biggest advantage of the VW Atlas 2023 is its size.

It's a large crossover SUV in every way. The 2023 VW Atlas wins in terms of space in the front and middle rows, and its third row seats can accommodate adults. Its cargo space is also huge. We give it an impressive 9 out of 10, although the Atlas Cross Sport is a bit less capacious.

The Atlas extends 198.3 inches in length, pushing it toward the top end of its segment. Cross Sports are about five inches shorter and have a sloping roofline to reduce cargo space.

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Wide, supportive front seats provide all-day support for the driver and standard power adjustments. Second-row passengers will have nearly 38 inches of legroom, and most trim levels will have a choice of a three-seat bench seat or double captain's seats with little space between them. The third row of the standard Atlas body accommodates two smaller adults in reasonable comfort. It is great for children and is easily accessible thanks to the wide rear door.

Even behind the third row, the standard Atlas offers room for nearly 21 cubic feet of cargo. Fold this down and you get a huge 55.5 cube cube. Even the Cross Sport versions can carry an impressive 40.3 cubic feet of cargo, although taller items will be a tight fit. Fold down the second row and a standard Atlas can carry nearly 97 cubic feet of cargo.

If there is a downside, it's the sometimes gloomy decor. VW is more skimpy on soft-touch plastics and bold finishes than many competitors offer.

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Volkswagen Atlas 2023


The 2023 VW Atlas is a mixed bag when it comes to crash test results.

How safe is the Volkswagen Atlas?

It's big and well equipped with protective gear, but the 2023 Volkswagen Atlas has a few minor glitches in crash tests. We rate it an overall 7 based on standard automatic emergency braking and five stars from the NHTSA.

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That said, it scored four stars in the frontal impact category from the NHTSA, but its overall score rounded in favor. The IIHS is similarly diverse, mostly giving it "good" ratings in its instrumented crash tests. However, its standard automatic emergency braking system was rated "Basic" and only the best cornering headlamps were rated "Good".

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